iPad Pro 12.9” - no sound, volume control resets to zero

iPad Pro has been working as an endpoint perfectly until current release 1.7(521).
Now although a item indicates it is playing the volume control is set to zero, when moving the volume slider it reverts back to zero as my finger is removed from the screen. With nothing playing the volume control slider also reverts to zero.

I haVe deleted and reinstalled the Roon Remote app (before & after restart) Restarted Roon core & machine (Win10 pro). Other networked devices appear to work correctly.

The problem persists, any help would be welcome.

ps. I just remembered there’s been a recent iPadOS update, I have also reported to Apple.

Hi @PixelPopper,

To verify, is playback working properly in other apps besides Roon on this device?

If possible, could you record a video of what happens when you try to adjust the volume?


Tidal & other apps function correctly. After the initial screen recording Roon changed from volume zero to 16 But displays similar issues, both records are attached.


If you need access to logs I can send the link.

Thanks, @PixelPopper — I’ve sent this along to the team and I’ll follow up once we have further feedback.

Hi Dylan, I think my bug report To Apple four days ago has got a result. There was, unusually, another iPadOS update this morning seven days after the previous one. A quick test shows that the volume & control bug has been fixed, everything now seems to work correctly.

This report can be closed, thank you.

Thanks for the update, @PixelPopper!

I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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