IPad Pro cannot find the Roon-Core[Fixed]

IPad Pro cannot find the Roon-Core.
The core is visible on IPhone 11 and MacBook Pro but not on the iPad Pro.
It t searches all the time the core. Everything is updated to version 1.8.
It is disappointing.

Hello @Krystian_Bielski ,

Are you sure your iPad is on the same WiFi network ? Maybe VPN is turned on ?

It is the same network as other devices.
I have already removed and reinstalled the Roon app. It still does not work. Roon on the iPad starts searching for the core and runs without success.
Everything has the same setting as under version 1.7. But now, it doesn’t work on the iPad

It works. After installing the new iPad app version, access to the local network was automatically disabled. I have now manually re-enabled access. Now it works again.

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