iPad Pro Compatibility

Will Roon function okay on the new iPad Pro, i.e. will it scale and use the extra screen real estate ?

I imagine it will, as the iPad Pro will offer the best remote experience yet.

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I believe I’ve read here on the forum that the app will automatically use the extra space to show more content.

On the grounds that the logical resolution is greater than that of the iPad Air and Mini (see here), you should see more.

Just a word of warning though: the idea of a huge tablet for Roon is extremely attractive, but I found the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 12.2" uncomfortably large to hold and use Roon simultaneously; and the iPad Pro has an even bigger 12.9" screen. Think about it: unless it is permanently on a desk or a stand, or perhaps if you are always going to be sitting in such a way that you can prop it up on your lap, how are you going to hold it so you can use it? The natural left & right hands on each side won’t work because your thumbs won’t get anywhere near the middle. See item #4 in this vid. I no longer have the Samsung tab BTW…

Good point, I am a Apple Developer so need to get one anyway to test apps etc. But you have raised important usability considerations.

Just got an iPad Pro – fixed some issues related to display zoom, and supported portrait mode on it.

it’s pretty much the best looking/feeling/acting Roon Remote there is.


I hope this applies to the new 9.7" iPad Pro, because I just ordered one.

Zoom will work but portrait wont since it lacks horizontal real estate.

Lack of portrait mode shouldn’t present a problem for me. Really looking forward to my new toy.

Great, what build will that be in?

next public release

Have the larger iPad Pro … works a treat. Easy to handle and snappy.

If I’m going to buy a new iPad to serve as my remote for Roon, would you recommend the iPad Pro large screen, the iPad Pro small screen or the iPad Air 2? Is the only difference in the Roon experience screen size or are their other advantages to the iPad Pro? For example, would I be able to run Roon without using my PC if I was to get an iPad Pro?

I love it on the big iPad Pro… such a great screen, and fast machine, to run Roon. All iPads are still remotes, so you still need a Core somewhere.

Also: the 12,9" iPad Pro shows more albums / artists on screen, compared to the mini and 9,7" iPads.

Do I need to buy additional memory on my iPad Pro to run Roon Remote properly, or does Roon Remote not take up a lot of memory?

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Nope. The basic 32GB model will be fine.

Cheers, Greg

Great, thanks!


I’m using the iPad Pro 12.9" and I’m always in portrait mode but I have a small/minor issue and am wondering if it’s anything specific to my setup or a more general issue.

When scrolling through my album list the last 12 album cover images always load slow the first time. After the page has loaded and I go back to it from a page before of after it it’s quick and probably loaded from cache. This doesn’t happen in any of the other collection views. It’s as if the 7x7 albums don’t fit in an initial buffer or something. It’s also fine in landscape mode but it then only has to load and show 7x4 album covers.

Today I’ve upgraded my WiFi router to an AC1900 one but there’s no difference. Roon Server runs on a dedicated Windows 10 Pro machine with a Core i5 3570K quad core CPU, 8GB of memory, database on SSD.

Anyone else having this minor issue or do the Roon guys know of it/is it reproducable?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Mine does the same, don’t find it to much of a problem as it doesn’t affect playback.