iPad Pro ideas first time

I’m considering using an iPad Pro 12.9 inch as endpoint with my Chord Mscaler could I check the following please.

  1. Is the 64gb version ok if used only for Roon?

  2. Have problems with iOS and connecting DACs to iPads/iPhones etc been resolved with iOS12?

  3. Is the touchscreen using just fingers ok or is an Apple pencil type accessory needed?

  4. Does the iPad Pro transmit a bit perfect 44.1kHz stream to the DAC/Mscaler and is this visible on the iPad Pro Roon app as well as all the functions available on the Roon Core?

  5. Is portrait and landscape for Roon available on the 12.9 inch iPad pro.

Many thanks this is a totally new idea for me as I’m using my iMac as core now and output with optical. I am not interested in other Roon endpoints for now as the iPad Pro is battery powered which is important for me.

Many thanks mk

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I use an iPad mini but thy principle is thee same

1 - Yes 64 g if yoiu are just using as a Remote If you have need to us the iPad as a mobile storage device like a Personal Audio Player, in which case more storage the better

2 - i have upgraded to iOS 12 with no issues

3 - I use fingers , no pens etc , even clunky finger tips are fine . the iPad pro is that much bigger so even less issues as all icons etc will be that much bigger. You get the same image but bigger as far as I knaow

4 - Yes bit perfect but I have no experience of that DAC. I use a AudioQuest Dragonfly Red with no issues so my best guess is yes , maybe someone else knows

5 - the 12.9 does both . There are previous threads discussing this

The one issue you missed is that you will need a Camera Kit Lightening to USB connector to make the DAC connection. There is a dual version that allows for charging and a USB Connection or the single one that is USB only . If you are powering the DAC (from the chord website I would guess unlikely) via the iPad be aware of the 100 ma limitation of current draw from the iPad, the Dragonfly was redesigned to get under that limitation

Hope thus helps


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many thanks mike great info. just one thing is bit perfect 44.1kHz cd as from a core and do you get the purple lights showing for the lossless signal path on the ipad? does the ipad also process mqa? many thanks again.

Yes and yes, the core processes the files not the iPad, the first MQA unfold is done in the core and RAAT sends out as PCM as far as I know