iPad Pro Magic Keyboard not touch sensitive on trackpad

Roon 1.7 Core on iMac Big Sur

TPLink router, core on Ethernet

Devialet 220 Pro on RAAT, IPad Pro as remote

The dedicated Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro in ‘laptop’ mode (i.e. iPad attached) works in all other respects except the ‘touch gestures & tapping’ on the trackpad requires a ‘click and press’ beforehand to operate the Roon interface in remote mode. Using the touchscreen of the iPad Pro, (unattached from Magic Keyboard) works normally for all gestures and tapping.
If using the iMac as the control, it’s own Magic Trackpad works normally with touch gestures / movement and tapping, no need to click and press

Hi @AllenB,

This is not currently possible, but I definitely recommend adding your voice to the existing feature request about this. Our team keeps a close eye on topics in this category, so it’s definitely the best place to give us this kind of feedback!

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Is this coming soon?