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Hi all,

Is anyone here using a 12.9” iPad Pro - and is able to use the internal speakers on your iPad to listen to your roon core? And, also able to manage or select the audio devices on your network since the 1.8 upgrade?

I can’t for either - can’t listen to the music on the roon core and cannot select or manage audio devices. Even though they are listeg in ugly grey boxes.

This was all happily working before the roon upgrade - now it is not. So essentially my iPad Pro does not work on my roon setup anymore.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Did you fix it - if so, how?

I’m not happy about it at all.

Hi @Graham_Green

I moved your post to the #support section, so Roon @support can follow up with you.

FWIW: I can manage/select/play to networked audio devices just fine from my iPad Pro 12,9”. Playing from core to the iPad is fine as well:

Got the same problem since updating, iPad is shown under settings\audio, but cannot be selected as an audio device, all networked devices appear and are playable.

Hi Steve - yes, I have to reboot my roon core every time I start a new device - just so that it appears in the list of devices. It is not a very efficient and fun way to listem to music.

BTW - are you the Steve Adams from England that used to on echoes many years back?

Hi Graham, will give the Core on my Synology NAS a reboot and see if that sorts it out. No, it’s not the same Steve Adams, but am in the UK.


Hi Steve - my core is running on an intel nuc with the files located on a qnap nas. I also have various devices connected by Ethernet scattered around the house. The iPad is the only wifi connection. But regardless on what device I want to use, I have to reboot the nuc every time I want to listem to music n order to “activate” the devices in roon. I never had this problem on the previous version of roon as it all just simply worked- now it isn’t as transparent. Previously the nuc never had to be rebooted but now it gets rebooted several times in a day. It is very annoying.


I wanted to reach out and let you know that we released Roon 1.8 / Build 763, which includes some improvements that we believe should help here. Please give the update a try and let us know if it helps!

You can read the full release notes here:

Roon Support

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