iPad Pro or iPhone cannot find Roon core

Roon Core Machine

I have a Sonictransporter I7 that was having some shutdown issues. I sent it back and he reloaded the software 1.8 943? Stable. Checked all and ran it for five days.
Hooked it back up today and it found the Roon core and set it up and was about to play some music as it was scanning for music on my nas but t shut down. I shut the remote app and turned the I7 back on and it can’t find the core. Deleted the remote app and reinstalled it. Same. Checked the network. Remote and server are on the same subnet. Entered the ip for the I7 and it goes right to the I7 home page. Small Green Computer. Rebooted from there. Restarted Roon from there. Updated my iOS on the iPad Pro to iOS 15.5. Entered the IP address under the help line and still nothing! Any ideas?

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Have you tried deleting the Roon app on the iPhone and iPad and reinstalling it? Some here have had success with this approach when the Roon Core cannot be connected. Also, have you rebooted your network and then rebooted the Sonictransporter? Sometimes the network handshaking for all devices needs a push to connect everything.

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