iPad Pro will not connect to Roon

Hey. I am a long term Roon user. For years, I have used an iPhone and iPad mini as remotes. I have been trying to use my iPad Pro as a remote as well, but it will not connect. I have tried all of Roon’s suggestions and have even redownloaded the app but with no success.

Any ideas? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

are you sure you are not on your guest network or that your WiFi and lan are on the address range…

Perhaps start a #support thread

Yes. And, same wireless network and settings as with iPhone and iPad mini that fo connect.



I’ve moved this to support area…and flagged @support but up it’s a weekend so sit tight till they get to you

You might like to give more details about your network setup so they can see what could be up

Thanks much

Let’s keep things in one place. Since the original support thread has a bit more info, let’s continue there:

I’ll close this one.

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