iPad remote hangs when I have done other stuff and go back to it

This has happened occasionally for the last few weeks.
Seems like it happens more frequently, but that’s probably just my impression.

Symptoms: I switch back to it, usually by going to the home screen and touching the icon in the bottom bar or on the screen, and it shows up but is inactive; sometimes it is a valid screen but nothing moves or responds, sometimes I see the Roon logo in the middle but it isn’t moving.

Requires restarting the iPad app.

(@Eric This is separate from the occasions I have had where the Roon server stops playing, which may or may not be network related. This problem is entirely iPad-local.)

Same problem here with my iPad. The Roon app crashes several times a day, it freezes. The music keeps playing, so it seems to me a problem between iPad and remote app. It happens often so that it is rather annoying. My Roon core is a Nucleus. My iPad is model 2017 with ipadOS 14.8. The storage space is more than sufficient

Hey @Sjaak_Deen,

We’re so sorry to hear it… and also deeply sorry for missing out on your post for this long.

Would you please use this article as a guide to share details about your setup and issue?

The problem is largely solved by clearing the cache memory on my iPad. This amounted to about 3 GB! So I don’t need any further support at this point.
But I do find it rather bizarre that Roon takes up so much (unnecessary) space over time; I found this out when I ran out of space for an IOS update.