iPad Requiring Deauthorization to Connect to [Only] Core


Suddenly, and not connected to any known changes on my QNAP Roon Core, my iPad gives a message when I try to connect that I’m only allowed 1 core and I must deauthorize my QNAP Core. After doing so, it connects to the same Core it just made me deauthorize and plays without a hitch. This is not happening when I start Roon on my PC or my Android phone.


Hey @William_Coney,

Is there any chance you had another Core running on your PC that was authorized? If you go to Settings > General on the PC, is it connected to the QNAP Core or is that PC being used as the Core?


No, no PC Core at all. The error asks me to de- authorize my QNAP Core and then immediately after doing so connects to the QNAP Core and runs without issue until I close and restart Roon on my iPad.

The PC connects to my QNAP Core immediately and without issue as does Roon on my Android phone.

I appreciate the update, @William_Coney!

Does this occur every time you start the app? If you start the app, deauthorize and connect to the Core, and then immediately close the app and open it once more, does it ask you to deauthorize again? Or does this only occur after connecting from one of the other remotes?


This also happened to me yesterday using an older iPad running iOS 12.0. Two weeks ago, I had deauthorized a laptop temporarily running core during September in favor my usual NUC, and had used the iPad many times since then (with the NUC as core) when it asked me. Has not repeated since.

Hey @Brad_Burnside,

I’m glad to hear that this hasn’t occurred again since then. You shouldn’t see this behavior return unless the laptop is connected to as a Core at some point, but definitely let me know if this continues to occur without that happening and we can take a closer look.


After this behavior repeated itself 3 or four times, it has now stopped and my iPad is connecting fine. Oddly, the behavior moved over to my Android phone, but I only had to reselect my QNAP Core once and haven’t seen it recur since.