iPad Roon app, too much space

I wonder why Roon app on my iPad occupy so much space.

While on my iPhone Roon is 380,2 MB for the app and 2,58 GB for the data (which is accetable), on my iPad the situation is 381,6 MB for the app (still right) and 10,46 GB for the data!

I already try the “reset settings on the next boot”, they were 17 GB and now the are 10 GB, but I still think that is too much for a client, and a problem because my iPad Pro has only 64 GB space.

What I can do to reduce that 10 GB of data to something lesser?

Try clearing the image cache (Settings / Setup)!

Delete and reinstall Roon (on iPad) seems to be the best option at the moment.

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I did and lose less than 1 GB.

The reset settings option made a better result, but still too much GBs for an app.

Out of interest - how large is your roon library ? I assume its caching lots of the images / info so that it does not need to constantly redownload.

My iphone roon is about 3gb in size….

The library is 16211 tracks.

On my iPhone the size il 2,96 GB.

I deleted and reinstalled Roon on my iPad and now is 401,8 MB (!).

I think that the app size should optimized, at least on the iPad. It should never reach 10 or even 17 GBs.

What have you NOT been able to do since Roon gobbled up memory?

Unfortunately this is ’normal’ and it has been reported in several threads. I have iPad Pro and Roon takes currently 18.7gb space… and I do not even have lots of albums.

It was working correctly, but, I have 64GB in my iPad Pro, it’s too much for an app to occupy up to 17 GB. Unaccettable.

Hope it will be fix. Until that, I will uninstall and reinstall, and everytime re-do the settings.

Why not only clear it if you need the space ?

I did’t get what you mean.

You mean to clear the iPad space?

That apart, I think that a remote app should never occupy such amount of space.