iPad Roon Endpoint using HDMI

Interesting experiment today using an Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter to connect an iPad Pro to my Marantz SR6005 HT receiver. I keep an HDMI cable with a Apple display adapter connected to the back of my receiver for streaming movies from a laptop using apps that aren’t available via the Tivo box. I decided to switch the connector to the lightning to hdmi iPad adapter and see what audio sounded like using that set up as a Roon endpoint compared to the DigiOne connected to the same receiver via coax. I expected them to sound very similar through speakers but was surprised at the result. The HDMI connection had more weight to it and a bigger soundstage even at a lower volume. The DigiOne didn’t sound anemic at all but it did sound lighter and smaller.

I’ve compared the DigiOne to CD and SACD and it usually loses by a small margin - bigger margin against SACD. Not enough to worry about from a home theater system in a room with 17’ ceilings especially for the convenience trade off streaming Roon and Tidal. I do most of my critical listening via headphones or from my desktop rig.

I didn’t see a lot of other posts about using an Apple HDMI adapter for audio so I thought I would share this experience with the group.