iPad: Shuffle access

I notice the shuffle indicator on the transport control isn’t clickable. So, if I’m listening to a playlist on shuffle and decide to switch to an album, I have to visit the queue first to toggle shuffle mode.

My preference would be for “Play Album” to reset shuffle mode but I have a feeling that’s not in the cards. Being able to toggle it somewhere other than the queue would be handy … transport control as there is already a UI element there? Or a long press of “Play Album” or the comparatively spacious “Play Now” screen.

Or is this already possible and I’m just missing it?

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Yes, I yearn constantly for a more centralized way to toggle shuffle on and off, not just on iPad but on the Mac as well. Every time I switch between listening to a shuffled playlist and wanting to listen to an album in the original track order, which is often, it feels like it takes me three or four extra steps when it could just take one – after getting to the album, I realize shuffle is still on, then I have to go back to the playlist queue, toggle shuffle off, and return again to the album. I’m desperate for a shuffle toggle button in the main play controls at the bottom of the screen or something like that to avoid all this navigating around.

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You have described exactly the series of events that lead to making this post :grinning:
Now that I know, I’ll try to avoid the situation but in my excitement to play some long forgotten album it’s likely to happen again.

It also works in the reverse in a more subtle way that probably sounds like the nittiest nit that ever was picked but… regardless! If you’re looking at playlists and want to play one shuffled, it will only be properly shuffled if shuffle is already engaged—and there is nowhere to do that on the page. Further, there is nowhere to toggle shuffle at all if the queue is truly empty. So in this particular case, even if you attempt to take the extra steps to engage shuffle (oops I can’t do that, OK back to playlist!) before playing, the first song on the playlist will always be the first song to play (OK back to queue, toggle shuffle, now after the first song, shuffling will commence.)

Yes, yes, exactly. It seems a small thing but over and over again, it’s starting to drive me nuts. (And I say this as a big fan of Roon in most other respects.)

Hah! I was just writing up a new question/issue outlining these exact ways to lose
(can’t toggle shuffle from an empty queue. can’t shuffle a playlist without the first
track always being the first track. can’t unshuffle an album without having to requeue

Then the helpful forum software said “your topic is similar to…” and boy was it right.