iPad stuck in album view

@benjamin , please add me to the test group. I am not using my ios devices as endpoints so no issue for me.

Yesterday I noticed even more weird situation. After waking up my iPad it was showing that a certain track was still playing on may main zone (not ipad), but the album was already finished.
Then when trying to go out of the album view I got just the loading animation. This was for all views (albums/artists/home) so had to kill the app on iPad and restart. Then it worked again.

Question: why are you not using automated crash reporting tool and instead rely on manual setup per user?
One example is the App Center

Hey @StefanK,

I’ve sent you a PM in regards to iOS crash bit flip. We’re not using an automated reporting system for this particular case due to some additional action items that are necessary to our internal process.

With that, I’ve started a fresh thread on your other issue as we do not think it’s related to the previous topic you’ve shared it on. If possible, are you able to share a recording of this issue, or a few screenshots? Also, if you’re able to share a timestamp or two of the next time this happens, this will help our team pinpoint what might be going on after enabling diagnostics on your account.

In the recent past, we’ve seen success in fixing similar issues by users doing a fresh install of roon on their remote devices. Let me know if that helps in your case here as well.

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Thanks, just did a reinstall of the Roon app on my iPad. Will let you know if I see this strange issue happen again.

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