iPad with iOS 10.2.1 Roon Remote Download Impossible


I need to use my iPad as a remote control.

I have tried to install the ROON remote app on my iPad running iOS 10.2.1

I always have the following error

Impossible to download
Your device is not compatible …

For me it will be a show stopper that will cause ending my trial 14 days period

Best Regards

Jean-Marc from FRANCE

@JEAN-MARC_PUGIN Which model iPad do you have?


The reason is probably that your iPad isn’t compatible. Sadly it needs a newer version of hardware. The iOS version isn’t the limitation. It needs open gl 3


Thanks Steve

It is not a recent iPad although it was enough “big” in memory and processor to evolve over years with iOS.

Probably means End of game for me.

That’s a shame. Yes, both my iPads were too old to run Roon despite running everything else I use, so I had to get a new one. There’s no way around it for Roon and the platform they develop on sadly.

There’s a very good likelihood that the recently released API will eventually breath life into our older iPads with Roon, but toehat extent is unknown. It may be quite basic transport controls/volume etc.

Hi it needs to be a iPad 4 or later, in essence any one with a lightening connector I think. I have an iPad 3 and it is not compatible.

Hi Henry,

Grrr and thanks for this info


I have an iPad 4 with a lightening connector: It is not compatible either.

Ok, useful to know.
@Jean-Marc It will need to be an iPad Air or Pro then!

As answered bt Roon CTO their app relies on require on OpenGL 3.0 on iOS

Btw I won’t buy another iPad for Roon occasional usage

Moreover, their app is probably controlling the PC Roon install.

Typically it requires the PC to be active and not shutdown or inactive.

This is also the case for JRiver JRemote app that I have tested.

And that’s not what I am searching for