ipadOS not storing login

Fedora 32/Ryzen3800X 32GB/Roon 1.7 build 610

My ipad pro 2018 is not storing the credentials, i have to renter them every day. Also my password manager(lastpass) does not work for filling in the credentials. The roon app crashes or does not allow me to enter it using the password manager. On my iphone 7plus there is no issue with remembering the login. Haven’t tested lastpass there.
Both devices are fully up to date. Am using the trial version.

Hello @Riotvan, and welcome to the community! Our apologies for the trouble here, could you please reinstall Roon on the iPad and let me know if you’re able to store your credentials? Also, are these credentials for Roon or for TIDAL/Qobuz?

Hi, the credentials are for Roon. Also i reinstalled and restarted the ipad but the same thing happens, after a while i need to reenter it.
The app also still wont accept password manager input and crashes often if i try.

An update, after reinstalling the server the roles seem to be reversed and the iphone is the one that keeps forgetting the login credentials. Must be a bug in the server of some sort i think. Or a design limitation, this way it’s a minor annoyance, the other way around would have made me consider not subscribing.

Hope you guys fix it!

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