iPeng Skipping Tracks

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had remote access to my Core set up and working since last summer via ZeroTier and iPeng. Since about the fall, I’d say about 50% of my songs get cut off abruptly and skip to the next track, often times accompanied by a spike in volume before it normalizes again. Sometimes full tracks are skipped. Here’s where it gets interesting: a few times, when connecting to my Core remotely, I’ve been able to use my iPhone as and endpoint as if I were at home (not just my iPhone as a Squeezebox endpoint through iPeng). Out of curiosity, I’ve chosen this for playback and it’s rock solid - no skips, just straight playthrough like it was when I first got remote access working, so the issue lies somewhere with iPeng. I have Small Playback Buffer enabled in iPeng as per another thread on here, I’ve tested with it turned off as well. I’ve played with almost every Resync Delay in Roon to no avail. I’ve even set up a physically new core and migrated to it. None of the above has made an impact. This happens across both Wi-Fi and cell data, minimal or full LTE doesn’t make a difference. I understand that the tracks are buffering out because I’ve looked at the logs but I can’t figure out for the life of me why when this did not used to be an issue. All relevant software is up-to-date. I’d love any help or insight!