iPhone 11 Crashes

Belle everybody
I have the same. The app on my iPhone 11 Max Pro crash after 10 seconds.
It is so frustrating because in the past I didn’t have any issue.
I tried to clean the cash but the problem remain.
Can You help me?

Hi @Marco_Fullone,

Is there any change in behavior if you reboot the phone or clear the past played queue on the queue screen?

Hello everybody
Launching Roon Remote on iPhone, works for 10-15 seconds and then crashes. Reloaded app on iphone, reloaded Roon on MacBookPro retina 2017 with no change.
I also cleared the images cashe.
What can I do?

I am not having this problem. Is your iPhone 11 Pro Max on IOS 13.6.1?

Hello @Marco_Fullone, did you have a chance to clear the tracks in your queue on the queue screen? Also, what version of iOS are you running?

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