iPhone 11 Pro - Roon app display tiny [Resolved in iOS Build 433)

Hi, I just got the new iPhone 11 Pro and there is something very wrong with the display via the app.

Everything is extremely tiny, I cannot read anything at all. Seems like the ios app needs an urgent update.


Hi @Squeezemenicely,

Can you share a screenshot of how this looks for you?

Was about to share the same, great it’s already being looked into!

Thanks, @Squeezemenicely.

We’ve opened up a ticket with our development team to get this resolved. I can’t provide any specific timeframes just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


thank you - I am experiencing the same. Although on an iPhone X with iOS 13, all is fine. This is something device specific to the iPhone 11 Pro device.

Add one more to the issue with iPhone 11 Pro. Fine on iPhone XS iOS 13.

Same here. iPhone Pro Max iOS 13. Thanks for looking into it.

Don’t have a iphone11, but have you looked at increasing font size in settings/ accessibility?

Same issue here. iPhone X with iOS 13 is fine but on the 11 Pro, the app is buggy as it also freezes apart from being in small fonts.

Just adding to the thread so I get a notification when resolved as I have the same issue on a Pro Max with iOS 13.1 beta 4. It worked fine on my prior iPhone XS Max running the same version of iOS

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How is it that hundreds of apps managed to be updated and work perfectly with iOS 13 and newest devices yet Roon, which costs 10x more, isn’t? There are robust developer tools and such that are publicly available for months via public betas.

This is simply lazy and funny how acceptable “we are working on it” has become. When the bill is due, can I respond “I’m working on it but I can’t commit to any timeframe”? I love it when friendliness and responsiveness is used to cover ineptitude and/or complacency.

Yeah, I’m super frustrated that my new iPhone doesn’t work with Roon since it’s the sole way I use it. More disappointed at the pattern that’s evolving from the co.


I’m having the same issue. The app is unusable on my pro max phone.

Not just iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 has the same issue. Main problem is that nav elements are almost completely inaccessible.


Yep… can’t use the app. This is a fatal flaw. Hopefully will get corrected soon.

Just adding to the thread. Same problem iPhone 11PRO Max

Agreed 100%


iOS updates takes some time to get thru the apple certification process so even if they fix it today it maybe be 3 or more days before this gets through to users.

We’re working on it, and we’ll have something submitted to Apple soon.

This has nothing to do with new versions of iOS – it’s about new iPhone models that Roon doesn’t support (yet).

Because of how Roon’s UI is rendered, we need to know what model we’re running on so the UI can be scaled properly. Generally, this means waiting for Apple to release the new device, getting information about how it reports itself to Roon, and then tuning our UI to render properly.

We’re considering some changes that will allow this scaling to happen dynamically but for now this requires a new version of Roon, and we’ve generally turned that around in a couple of days for every new iPhone since Roon launched.

That means a few days of “Roon for ants” immediately after the launch of a new iPhone, which is annoying, we know. We are working on this, and we’ll have a new version up soon guys.

Thanks for your patience, all.


That means a few days of “Roon for ants”

“Roon for ants” sounds usable, current state is far beyond usable, there is absolutely no way to use the app, I can understand your poor development practices but please don’t try to sugarcoat it.
It would be nice to at least acknowledge that we don’t have access to paid software without trying to be funny, it’s not.
It’s 2019, you should know better already.

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