iPhone 12 mini - Roon remote not adapted for screen resolution

I have recently bought an iPhone 12 mini. If I install the Roon remote on that device it does not work properly because of screen resolution issues. For example: If I try to change the output I’m stuck with that screen because there is no possibility to return to the screen before. Is there a workaround or do I have to wait for a fix from Roon?


1.8 fixed the problem - which only occurred in 1.7 if you had chosen big symbols in the preferences section of iOS…

Dear suport team, on my iphone 12 mini roon always crashes after a few seconds. It works perfectly on all my other apple remotes (ipad, iphone 11pro, iphone 8). Any idea what causes these crashes? I have already re-installed the app, but this did not help. Would be very thankful for your support.