iPhone 13 Pro does not play to USB DAC (Apple apparently aware of issue)

Just got a new iPhone 13 Pro and when I connect my Cord Mojo, it plays music out of its speakers rather than the DAC/headphones.

Both my other iPhones (X and SE) play just fine and I have no idea what is going on?

I am using a standard Lightning to Micro USB cable off of Amazon and no Apple CCK.

No audio plays at all, regardless of source.

Anybody else having this issue?

It works for me. I found I sometimes have to plug out and in for the audio to transfer. I am using an Apple lightning to USB adapter.

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Thanks for replying. Taking the Mojo to the office today so I can test it on my colleagues 13s.

Just come off the phone with Apple support and apparently others have reported this issue to them which only seems to affect the new 13s.

Said they do not know what is causing it and are looking into it.

I have same issue. First it worked fine and connected to my dac (both) but now no connection??
Iphone 13 pro ios 15.1.1. Perhaps something to do with ios uppgrade!

I went and ordered the Apple CCK and it works. Shame I had to spend additional money on an Apple dongle and could not use the Amazon USB OTG cable.