iPhone 5 doesn't work as remote?

Have seen several other posts about this… the iPad 2… and an iPhone 4… but… iPhone 5 is too old?.. really struggling to accept this… I’m using 9.3.2

Roon for iOS needs a 64 bit architecture to run. For iPhones this is true starting with the 5S model.

The iPhone 5 was introduced in sept. 2012. It can’t be expected to be able to run cutting edge software forever.

Hi Mick,

The Roon GUI required OpenGL 3 graphics hardware support and this became available from iPhone5s onwards. It not really about what the iOS version the phone is running.

Believe the stated cutoff is the iphone 5s. I have a 5c, which is not compatible.

I’m glad this answered my query however saddened I cannot subscribe to Roon beyond the trial as I have iPhone 5C and Ipad 3, neither of which work on this application.

I would consider selling the iPad 3 and getting a (used) Mini 2 or Air 1, which are quite inexpensive these days.

Anyway – good luck and check in again once you’ve upgraded your iOS hardware – now or in the future. Roon is a great experience, and I’m sure you’ll be granted a new trial period once your hardware is up to snuff.

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I just upgraded my unsupported iPhone 5c 16 to a Roon supported iPhone 6s 128. What a pleasure to have an additional Roon remote. Didn’t know I was missing out on such a great small remote. Very happy! :grinning::grinning::grinning: