iPhone 6 disappears as Roon endpoint when lockscreen activates

I’m told that others are able to have Roon Remote zone work on iPhone when lock screen activates but on my iPhone 6 plus I can’t get that to work. Experiencing the following symptoms

Behavior looking at status from Windows 10 Roon core server playing to Roon Remote zone running on iPhone 6 plus, Sprint carrier. When zone disappears, music stops

  1. iPhone disappears as a zone when screen lock timer kicks in
  2. iPhone disappears as a zone when screen lock button is pressed on right side
  3. iPhone reappears as a zone when phone is unlocked after pressing home button
  4. iPhone disappears as a zone when any other application is the foreground active application

iPhone zone is not set to private. Overall this sounds like Roon is going into a “suspend” mode whenever the screen locks or another app is in the foreground… I don’t see any option to change this behavior. Any thoughts on how to fix?

Let’s tag @support to get their attention for help

Can you do a hard restart and report back ?

I deleted and reinstalled the app, no change. My phone just rebooted with an iOS update, still same behavior. Another user on CA has noted the same thing I see; Roon (version 1.4 build 294) does not show up in the list of apps that can do background refresh on iPhone.

Just verified that I see same behavior on my iPad Mini 2

Mmm… you’re right. Maybe @support can help out.

I have the same problem, latest Roon, latest Roon Remote, latest iOS.

There’s a way to fix it?

Assuming Background App Refresh doesn’t remedy this issue, perhaps the devs could emulate iPeng’s functionality in future Roon iOS releases. iPeng includes two distinct settings, which can then be configured independently and/or combined to achieve the desired result:

  1. Prevent Sleep Mode
  2. Preserve Connection

Hmm, I’ve been thinking of this from purely how I use iPhone which is to feed an asynch USB adaptor via the Apple CCK cable. When I try this using iPhone6 headphone jack it works… I can press the lock button, music keeps playing and the mini player view shows on the lock screen. Its using an external device attached via lighting bolt port where Roon stops playing music /suspends with lock screen.

Ok, looks like I have to back the truck up… I can get the mini-screen on lock with a wired headphone connection but as soon as music stops, by by iPhone as a zone.

If I dont block the screen manually but let it sleeps alone it works!

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