iPhone 6 Roon Remote


I’m currently testing the ROON, and I have to state that app for iPhone is useless, there is no filter function, and with search function I can’t find anything.

To be honest I don’t know what is the purpose of search function? or how it works.

On iPad when typing Nelson is search I get this message:
Image 1

And I know that I also have Lukas Nelson in my library, when typing Nelson in filter, it is showing fine.

I would appreciate if somebody can explain how search works?


Perhaps hitting ‘Return’ on your iPhone keypad, after having entered ‘nelson’?
For me that shows a picture similar to the second one you included in your post.

Looking at what comes up while typing is popular results across the whole Roon database. If you have a less universally popular Nelson it won’t necessarily come up until you put in the whole name and/or hit return.

I would also love to see the iPhone app updated to include scrolling through an aphabetic/numeric indicator to navigate to an artist/album title/date added. Focus and Filter features would also be greatly appreciated.

Search is there for times when I know the last name, and forgot the first name!

Thanks :blush: I’m long time JRemote user, and there updates automatically as you type. No need for ENTER

Ah, been there! More frequently as I get older!