iPhone 6s endpoint battery struggles with v1.4 update

I know this isn’t the most ideal setup but iOS Roon endpoint chews through my iPhone 6s battery like there’s no tomorrow when streaming from my PC core to the iPhone then through Bluetooth to an Amazon Echo. Also, it seems to take a lot of resources as the phone is a bit sluggish. Tonight when I tried to take a photo with my phone while Roon was playing the phone froze and restarted (this never really happens with my phone).

Eventually I will upgrade to a decent bridge/streamer/endpoint and better speakers (I primarily use Roon with headphones) but I thought I’d report the issue in case there’s something that can be done to optimize the iPhone Roon app.

How do you know it’s Roon? Is your iOS up to date, if so it may be that: there have been reports of catastrophic battery problems, so I haven’t upgraded for two versions.

My iphone 6s battery has been sucking dry pretty quick since the last ios update, but that said, I have a lot of apps draining the battery. I don’t use the iphone for Roon much, mostly my ipads. Try setting the iphone battery settings to low power mode. It helps.

There have been recent reports of iPhones running slow because iOS tries to manage demand as batteries age.

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Thinking about what Roon has to do to make an endpoint could load down a phone a lot. As far as the iPhone power management stuff. Here are a couple of links to help you navigate understanding the complexities of managing LiOn batteries and what Apple has been doing.

I can understand how folks might not understand what is going on with these complex little computers we have in our pockets.

If you look at the release notes for iOS 10.2.1

Also listen to the podcast that Rene Richie did on this Vector episode 041:

I am sure that the Roon folks will be updating their code further!

Fair enough, but the battery history shows Roon consumed battery 68% of the time with the next entry only being 4%. I’m using the latest version of iOS (11.2.1).

Thanks, I’ve used that before and it does help.

Yeah, I’m aware of these reports and I’ve noticed my phone is not as snappy as it used to be. That said, the phone doesn’t drain nearly as bad as it does when using the Roon app.

I’m sure they will hopefully after some well-deserved time off.

I tried streaming using just Spotify from my iPhone to the Echo and I noticed it drains faster than I’d expect but it’s less than with Roon. Not much less though.

When using your Phone as an zone to a Bluetooth speaker, your Wifi and Bluetooth radios are on full blast when playing music. I guess Roon will resample to 48kHz PCM - that makes for a bigger data stream than 320kbps Spotify. Also, when the screen is on, I guess Roon’s graphics will eat a bit more than Spotify’s interface.

It all adds up.

Good points Rene. I’m guessing the WiFi radio is the biggest culprit as past history with playing music stored in the phone through Bluetooth results in minimal battery consumption. Will do more tests for comparison.