iPhone 6s vs iPhone 8 Plus


Roon as endpoint and actually iPhone 8 Plus plus Chord Mojo as source.

I’d like to free my 8 Plus from the audio chain and insert another source.

Do you think the audio quality should be the same on a 6s?

I just found one at very good price…

If you continue to use the Chord Mojo it doesn’t make a substantial difference in performance from iPhone to iPhone as they are just streaming transports. I’ve found that most multipurpose devices have a similar performance as a streaming transport, my Mac and two different iPhones gave near-identical performance when using the same Mojo, though using a dedicated player (Melco N100 and Arcam rPlay in my tests) yielded a substantially higher performance than any computer or mobile phone.

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I sometimes use my iPhone 6S Plus with Dragonfly DAC and it works well.

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