iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and SE scaling issues

see attached screenshot from my phone:

I also continue to have the same problem. @mike, does this look different on your own iPhone7/iOS10.0.2?

We see the issue, and it’s a minor one (although it is very annoying :weary:)…

We are resubmitting now. Thanks for the report guys.

I have a 7plus with 10.0.2. I installed the new update that came out today. No difference from the previous in terms of scaling/font size.

My SE is now fine, many thanks.

It turns out there were two models of the 7/7+ – in different markets… we fixed it for 1 set, not the other. This second submission fixes both sets.

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Which market was fixed? I’m intrigued as to this 2 model model. Is there possibly more than 2 models for other markets?


we got the 9,4 and the 9,3, but missed the 9,2 and 9,1

my guess is that they different modems or something.

Looks great on 7plus/10.0.2/Verizon

Thank you!

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Thanks @miguelito!

Build 162 is up guys. Things should look better on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so thanks for everyone’s patience!

Thanks very much - works for me now.

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unfortch, i’m having this same issue on my new iPhone 8+.

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