Iphone 8 not connecting to Core on initial install of Roon App on iphone [Resolved - Firewall exceptions needed]

Windows 10 Operating System - This is working fine!

Network Details:

Netgear Nighthawk D7000 router- This is working fine!

Audio Devices:

Devialet Expert 200- This is working fine!

Description Of Issue

My Core system on my laptop using Windows 10 is working great and communicates with all my audio devices without any problems. I’m unable to connect my iphone 8 (iOS 13.6) to my Core. It keeps saying: Windows 10, Version 1.7 (build 610) stable.
“Connecting…” but then says “Connection Failed” and keeps repeating this cycle.

I attempted to click on “Configure Roon OS” on bottom of app but says “Searching for devices” and never finds my Core system. I connected my iphone directly to my computer via a charging cord through USB and it still isn’t able to find my Core.

Any assistance offered would be appreciated.

Thanks for reaching out, @Listenup23, and sorry for the trouble here.

Has this worked for you before or is this a new install?

If you temporarily disable any firewall or antivirus on the Windows machine does that result in any change?

This is a new install.

I temporarily disabled my firewall and the Roon App connected instantly to my Core on my laptop computer and it functioned without any problems. I’m using McAfee Live Safe antivirus software on my computer. When I enabled the firewall again, then I lost connection on my iphone for the Roon App.
Since permanently disabling my firewall isn’t a long-term solution. Is there a way to tell my antivirus software that it is ok to run Roon software from my phone while the firewall remains on?
Thanks for your help!

Thankfully I was able to resolve this issue by changing my McAfee Firewall settings so my iphone now has access. Thank you for your assistance with this issue.

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Perfect, I’m glad to hear this resolved things for you. Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or issues in the future! Happy listening :headphones:

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