iPhone A...Z browse index

Hi. Surely this has been pointed out already, but I’ll state it in case it hasn’t: the iPhone app really needs an A…Z alphamap index thingy to help browsing quickly to the desired artist, album or whatever one is browsing. Please.


V1.6 released and no sign of an A…Z navigation index. Oh well… still very hard to use the iPhone version of Roon remote for anything but volume control and play/pause, methinks. Good thing I have an iPad…

Oops - just started another thread on this - I will delete it if I can!

This is a very basic missing feature, which may stop me subscribing when my trial runs out…

I recognize that the dev team needs to balance OS-specific design conventions with overall consistency and feature deployment. It will be interesting to see how they handle iOS going forward, considering the addition of connectivity concerns like Airplay 2, along with the small but noticeable usability stuff like the A…Z navigation index and swipe-based navigation.

We absolutely need this on iPhone. This is vital for browsing through collections.

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