iPhone and iPad app freeze

Roon Core Machine

<MAC OS Sonoma 14.0, 8GB>

Networking Gear & Setup Details

<Unifi Dream Machine, Router and Switch>

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

<40000 Tracks>

Description of Issue

I have early access for the iPhone and iPad roon app. It happens since a couple of weeks (may be 3) the apps freeze. One e.g. iPhone was working and the same time the iPad app freezes and vice versa. Only restarting the app resolves the issue. I never experienced similar behavior before. 1310 is the version on iPhone. If restarted the app connects itself to the core as usual and works but sometimes only till screen has been locked.

@Ronny_Stratling, the earlyaccess release currently is B1321, and it may require all devices to be running on the same build. Have you checked your Mac Core is updated to 1321 and also all of your Remotes?

Hi @moderators I think this thread needs to be in early access?

Not on mobile, it’s 1310 there

Last mobile update:

B1321 update not for mobile:

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Yes thanks that might be the reason. Thanks. I reinstellend the not-early Access Core because MAC OS deinstalled the core. I‘ll try that.

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Yes. Thanks.

Hi @Ronny_Stratling !

Am I getting this right that you experience freezes only when Roon runs simultaneously on iPhone and iPad?

Did your iPhone or iPad generate a report saying “Roon Remote crash” after freezes?

Can you please remember if you did any special actions when you experienced freezes?
Was Roon in the background or did you use any other heavy programs?

Also, did the situation improve after reinstalling Core?

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