iPhone and iPad: restarts in background

Hard and Software
Core: Windows Server 2016 / ROON 1.8 Build 756
Client: iPad and iPhone / iOS 14.4 / ROON 1.8 Build 756

Steps to reproduce the problem
Start ROON
Go to Settings > General > Language
Change the language (ROON must restart to change the language)
Press restart
The App will restart but she is in the background not not visible
(I think this is a problem with ROON 1.8, I can’t remember this behavior in version 1.7)

It is a minor error but it can be confusing

Expected behavior
The App should be in the foreground after the restart

Hello @Martin_Schneider ,

Thanks for the feedback here! This behavior was the same in Roon 1.7 but I’ve forwarded your remarks to the team!

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