Iphone and iPads ROON apps do not connect with roon PC windows 10

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WLAN Telekom Router

Connected Audio Devices

BlueSound Pulse Flex i / BlueSound node 2i / Naim

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I start the ROON program on my Windows PC I can connect to all my devices (BlueSound and Naim), and send music to them from my PC.
BUT: I have the ROON App installed on my iPhone 13 Pro Max (and 2 iPads) and neither of them is connecting. I see:
Windows 10:xxxxx Version 1.8 (Build 831) stable
Connecting… Connection failed.

To make it clear: The ROON Program on the PC works, the Core works, I can access it with the ROON program on the PC. But neither of the apple stuff tunes in.

Hi @Martin_Stein thank you so much for bringing this our attention, our sincerest apologies for the delayed response. It certainly was not our intention!

I wanted to check in to see if this issue has been resolved?

If not, could you please check the iOS Permission Settings on your apple devices (iPhone and 2 iPads)? If you’re not sure where to find this, please review our iOS Permissions article for more detailed directions.

If this setting is already selected, please make sure that all of your remotes are updated to the most current version (1.8 Build 831) and reboot your Core device and remotes. Try to connect once again - does the issue still persist?

Please let us know if you’re still having trouble connecting your Apple remotes after trying these steps. Thank you!

Hi Ashley,

the problem came from the windows firewall, and was solved by defining an exception for




… just in case that somebody else has the same problem.

Best wishes


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