iPhone app crash

Bump +1 Same here

Hello @Gary_Foux, what device and OS version are you experiencing crashes on? Does reinstalling or clearing the cache help?

iPhone 12 Max pro, latest update

Reinstall doesn’t help. Restart temp fix.

Closing apps temp fix.

I have been a victim for months with the iOS roon bug

I have seen many posts with many other people with the same issue.

Why does roon stall? and not put out a hot fix?

This problem is not isolated just to one device I have, but several.

Tried all the reboot, reinstall stand on my hands, jumped on one foot.

Still no fix.

Probablem is clearly on rooms side not ours.

Fix it!

Have you tried doing a cold boot of your iOS device?

Tried everything

Hi @Gary_Foux,

Apologies for the trouble here! Our team is continuing to investigate why some users are experiencing crashes with iOS devices. I don’t have any specific update we can provide just yet, but this continues to be a high priority issue for us.

Starting this morning My iPhone app has started to crash again. I reported this issue about a year ago (or more)

+1. Same issue here. Been crashing for about 2 months. Was happening before 1.8 update. Was hoping new version would fix it.


Same problem here with room 1.
iPhone app crashing. iOS version 14.4.1 on iPhone 11 Pro.
The server is running in a Apple Mac mini. iPhone is used as remote. And I normally play on a Bluesound Vault 2. Both the vault and the Mac are connected t through a Gigabit Ethernet by cable. Internet speed: 1 gbps.

From the last time I used the system one week ago or so -when I disabled Tidal in the server- the app started crashing, some hi res tracks of the local library only play until the mid of the song more or less, and it skips to the next.

Hello All,

Thank you for the report here, we are tracking this behavior in the following thread, please let us know here for further troubleshooting: