iPhone app crashes every 30 seconds

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus (updated regularly each time I get a notice)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

USB connection to Holo May Spring 3 KTE DAC with Preamp Module

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

iPhone app has been deleted and reloaded a dozen times.
iPhone 11 update is current version 15.5.

Every day, every time I use the app it crashes after around 30 seconds or less.

Have you power cycled your phone between deleting and installing the app?

No, i have not power cycled between…

I would suggest you delete the app, power cycle, re install and see if that helps.

It does it for me every time I get the same behaviour. It’s rare though.

Doing that. Will report if it resolves anything. Thanks

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Good luck mate :crossed_fingers:t2:

Did as you requested and going on 30 minutes now without a crash. I too will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for your prompt feedback/suggestion. Cheers

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Happy to have helped :slight_smile:

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