iPhone app crashes every 30 seconds

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus (updated regularly each time I get a notice)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

USB connection to Holo May Spring 3 KTE DAC with Preamp Module

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

iPhone app has been deleted and reloaded a dozen times.
iPhone 11 update is current version 15.5.

Every day, every time I use the app it crashes after around 30 seconds or less.

Have you power cycled your phone between deleting and installing the app?

No, i have not power cycled between…

I would suggest you delete the app, power cycle, re install and see if that helps.

It does it for me every time I get the same behaviour. It’s rare though.

Doing that. Will report if it resolves anything. Thanks

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Good luck mate :crossed_fingers:t2:

Did as you requested and going on 30 minutes now without a crash. I too will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for your prompt feedback/suggestion. Cheers

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Happy to have helped :slight_smile:

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Many people are posting about the Roon app crashing randomly on Ipad and Iphone and it’s still happening to me. Matter of fact, you can find posts on most every audiophile forum out there, so this definitely is not an isolated issue and it is one Roon has known about…if they are reading posts. It burns me up that I have to come to a forum for product support on something I pay for monthly AND paid $1500 for a $200 Nucleus computer and I’m lucky to get to use any of it because of continuous crashes. My expectation is that a Roon cust. service rep get ahold of this and resolve it for all of us, not like last time and just because the issue went away for a little while the issue was never addressed by Roon.

Hey @Kent_Wood,

We are still investigating possible reasons for this issue. A few follow-up questions for you:

  1. What are the specific steps you take to reproduce this issue?
  2. Do you have airplay enabled at all when this issue occurs?
  3. Does this affect specific endpoints? Does the same issue happen when only playing to your system output?

It would be helpful to the team if we could get an updated set of logs from the affected mobile devices as well:

  • First toggle “Save logs to Files on next startup” from your iOS Settings for the Roon App.
  • Reproduce the issue.
  • Access your Files App on the phone and upload the log file here.

If possible, could you write down the date and time the next time Roon crashes? That’ll be helpful when reviewing logs.