iPhone app does not show what is currently being played by Roon

Downloaded the iPhone app last night (iPhone 7+ - iOS 10.3.3) - it immediately found my core - version 1.3 build 262 - (is that the correct term?, I am new to Roon). However, it does not show what is currently playing? If memory serves me correctly - it is showing the last song I was playing last night. I started a new album this morning directly on the computer (Mac Mini (mid 2011 - i5, 8gb ram - OS 10.12.6) I do not have this issue with the iPad app. I have tried to pull down to refresh (common in many iOS apps) and nothing happened. This is not an end of the world issue - but it seems bizarre. I looked in Preference in Roon and did not see anything related to mobile devices, other than “Accept connections from remotes” which is set to YES. I should mention that I do occasionally get a dropped connection like others have reported in the forum - but even when the connection is restored the iPhone app is still showing the last song played last night as the currently playing song.

One other note - I cannot play a selection from the iPhone either - in other words, the iPhone selection - while it thinks it is playing - is not actually playing on Roon.

Other than a few issues with metadata - i am enjoying Room the more I use it. Thanks for any help.

have you got multiple output devices? Is the correct one selected?

I am not 100% sure by “output devices”, but if you mean in Settings->Audio, I have 4 options. The system is currently playing through my stereo which is a Moon by Simaudio amp/preamp combination, and that is listed as a device connected to “this mac”

Yep, that’s the way it works. Your remote will show the last selection you made from it with a particular endpoint. Since you used your Mac to make a selection for an endpoint and not the remote, your remote retains the last selection you made from it. I doubt that this works on your iPad, either.

Seems bizarre and confusing. I dislike it.

It’s hard to see how else it would work in a multi zone system. Would you want all remotes showing all the same zone? And what then happens if two zones are playing?

So I just verified - on the iPad the Artist info is totally wrong, but the player control on the bottom is showing what is currently playing and I have full control over the Room Core.

Remotes should be automagically updated by the core to reflect what is currently playing on any endpoint.

Yep, that’s the way it works.

I figured it out - probably a newbie issue - thanks @Ludwig and @Matthew_Clegg - for nudging me in the right direction. The output on the lower right corner was set to System - I changed that to Moon ( my amp/preamp/dac configuration) and the currently playing song appeared. Feel kind of stupid now.

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If you start Selection S1 from Remote A playing to Endpoint E and then start selection S2 from Remote B playing to Endpoint E, i.e. the same endpoint as before, Remote A will still show Selection S1.

Yes, it’s true the SQ display changes to show the currently playing selection, but the artist info stays to be the previous selection. Why would one care about artist info for the previous selection of any particular endpoint?

I submit this is not ‘a newbie issue’, but a buggy oversight.

That makes no sense. You want the remotes to display multiple queues? Or you are simply assuming single endpoint use, which is only a part of what Roon is…

I don’t think you understand the product.

Humpff, I don’t think you understand my point. What I want is for a remote to display what is playing on any selected endpoint at the current time. It knows enough to display the current SQ. It should know enough to display the current artist info that goes with the SQ. Multiple queues not withstanding, an endpoint can only play one thing at a time.

I will rescind the bug comment and say it’s a design decision that confuses people.

My expectation is that it would default to what is currently playing - when I am only playing on one endpoint - so I agree it is a confusing design decision.

That being said - as a newbie - I am not playing to multiple endpoints and have no experience with that - I would assume that if I did have said experience - i may have been for aware of this design decision.

Either way -problem solved - thank you for your insight.

True, and on my system it already does this. If I select any of my 4 endpoints I see what is playing there. As does the OP, which is why he couldn’t see what was playing (wrong endpoint was selected). Doesn’t it on yours? If so maybe you have a network problem?

That would mean the remotes would work in two distinct ways depending on what’s playing: either ALL displaying what’s playing on the only endpoint playing, or displaying the endpoint that is selected. That seems to me a lot more confusing and illogical than simply displaying what’s playing at the selected endpoint.


Under the above scenario, it’s true that the SQ display and the queue display will change, but the artist info stays on the previous selection made from that remote, which is what confuses people.

I tire of fighting over this carcass.:weary:

No fight. I just don’t see that there is anything wrong with the remote displaying the selected zone’s “now playing” information.

If I play something in one room, and my daughter puts on something else simultaneously, if I understand you correctly you would want my remote to suddenly display my daughter’s “now playing” info - which is totally not what is required in a multi-user multi-zone system. So I say again: I think your wishes for this aspect of the product are tied to a narrow usage case which I (for example) do not find myself sharing, because I have a multi-zone, multi-user set-up.

(I think the horse is dead now.)

I just have one question along those regards, can an endpoint play more than one selection at a time?:sunglasses:

Of course it can’t.

Are you equating “endpoint” with “remote”? That’s the only way I can find of understanding your question…

Then I return to my original point. The artist info on a remote that has a particular endpoint already selected should reflect what is currently playing on that endpoint on that remote, whether that be because a new selection was made for that endpoint from a different remote or because a new album bubbled it’s way up the queue. That’s not the way it works now, either on a remote or for that matter on the ‘main’ display.

Again, it’s a design decision. Because Roon design displays the info for an album (whether it’s currently playing anywhere or not) in the space above the Signal display rather than in a new dedicated window, then the conflicting info about artist vs. current playing selection will occur. That can lead to confusion and did in the case of the OP, JMHO.

I think we’ve been talking past each other.

I consider the horse not only dead, but buried.:wink:

@pcm - Didn’t bargain for this fur ball, did you?

I’m really not sure if we’re talking about the same things at all… I just did a test, and all my remotes display exactly what is playing on the selected endpoint regardless of which endpoint was used to make the music selection. So as far as I can see it works for me exactly as you are wanting it to.

Do you mean that the Album Details page is being confused with the “Now Playing” bar at the bottom of the screen?

I’m confused about what you want, because everything I understand you to be asking for is either (a) already the case or (b) makes no sense at all outside of a single core+endpoint (USB) kind of scenario.

I’d quite like to know if we’re disagreeing or not, and if so what about! :wink:

Cheese 'n crackers. I have 5 endpoints and 3 remotes. I run Server, headless of course, on another machine. Sometimes I lash some of the endpoints into one zone, sometimes not. Sometimes I transfer the queue from one endpoint to another. Sometimes I forget to stop playing a queue on one endpoint, e.g. a headphone endpoint, before I start a different one on another endpoint.

On any remote, there is a screen that has on the top half album info. It’s the album info from either 1) the currently playing album if you queued that up from that remote, 2) the album info from an album that you selected to look at, but not play or 3) an album that was previously selected from that remote to play, but is currently not playing. Instances 2 & 3 can cause confusion. It’s because of the way album display was designed. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m not confusing the lower display portion of the screen, where the currently playing selection, controls to pause/start/etc. selection, the light displaying signal path, the music staff that lets one look at the queue, the heart to designate selection as a favorite, the little microphone, the endpoint selector, or the speaker symbol, with the album display screen in the top half.

Really, I’m done now. Have the last word.:sunglasses: