iPhone App Favorite (Heart) Not Working

Hey all,

Have been testing Roon for the last fews days and have encountered an issue with the iPhone app. During playback, I see a heart at the bottom left of the screen next to the playback controls. Tapping on this heart has no effect. This is an inconsistent experience when compared to the iPad app, which has a thumbs up and thumbs down button but no “heart” on the now playing screen. Am I missing something?


If the track is not added to your library you cant fave it.

Thanks. That makes sense. Is it not possible to give thumbs up or thumbs down to the currently playing track using the remote on iPhone? If I understand correctly, this is to provide input for the Roon radio picks. On iPad and desktop, the thumbs appear for the current track, however, in the iPhone app, I’m only able to find them for the next song in the queue.

Hi @Aaron_Sutton,

As Wizardofoz mentioned, adding a track as a Favorite can only be done for tracks in your library.

You should still be able to get Roon Radio notifications on the iPhone as long as you’re not on the queue screen. This is a notification about the next track and not a rating of the current playing track. You can set this to appear by going to Settings > Setup and enabling Roon Radio notifications.

I think it would be good if the track was added to your library automatically if you press the heart icon.

The process at the moment involves more steps than need be in my opinion.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but I’m under the impression that the thumbs up and down represent a “rating” of the track selected by Roon radio. On devices other than iPhone, I’m able to give the thumbs up or down for the current track. I do see the notification of the next track on iPhone, and I’m able to give thumbs up/down, but there is no option to do this for the current track. If Roon has selected a song I’m unfamiliar with, I’d like to listen to it for a bit and then give it a rating.

You are correct. That does not exist using iPhone. You should be able to thumbs up and down on iPad and windows/Mac but not iPhone. Limitation from Roon.

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