iPhone app flashes white screen every reconnect [Resolved after update]

The white flash on screen is still happening on iPhone app latest updates installed, come on why hasn’t this been sorted. You sitting in a dark room and bam every time you go for the remote …
PLEASE!!! fix this it’s super annoying.

Agreed it’s very annoying but the latest update fixed this for me. Are you sure all your devices are on build 783? If they are then post this in support with all the details of your setup so that Roon can look into it further.

Yup latest update installed on core and iPhone

Mac Pro Win 10 optical to Chord Hugo TT2
Hard wired Cat6a dedicated managed switch.

iPhone 11 Pro latest updates installed iOS and roon app.

Flagging @support so they will see this. @vova too.

I’ve moved this thread to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

In the mean time, could you post a screen cap of Settings > About?

I had only applied the core update, I selected update all devices but now realised that iOS must be done via the App Store so it appears this may have resolved the issue. Apologies to the ROON team for any confusion.

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