Iphone app freezing

Hello, Am I the only one?

The app freezes constantly on my iPhone 12 pro max. I can’t use it, it freezing immediatly after opening it.

The probleme is only on my iPhone, not on my iPad mini or on my Samsung galaxy s7+ (android)…

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.

Same issue here? Is there any resolution?

I am also having the same issue. I have tried deleting the app, rebooting the iPhone and reinstalling the app and again the app freezes. It worked once but then froze. I have repeated this 3 times.

Same here but on a iPad Pro

I have the same problem.

one of the same issues I’m havin but also stutters and lag on my iphone 13 pro max /ipad pro /Samsung tab s4

I have an iphone 12.
Roon app constantly freezes when the phones locks and unlocks.

Running older Rock versions, I never had an issue.

Yes, The Roon app both freezes and also quits on my iPhone 11 multiple times daily. Been worse since the last couple updates.

Something to try…

Delete and reinstall

Make sure no end points are running wifi

I moved mine from wifi and fixed this issue

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