iPhone app full featured UI desired (like the iPad app already has)

I’m loving using Roon in a multiroom setup and as such am often adjusting EQ (and other DSP/endpoint settings) in a given room via Roon. I of course can do that from my Mac running the Roon software, or with my iPad which allows this. But for some reason the iPhone Roon app does not support this and it’s becoming increasingly annoying for me. I suspect it’s a combination of lack of iPhone screen real estate and perhaps lack of processing power. But the newer iPhones are very powerful and the screen real estate issue could I imagine somehow be allowed to add this (to me) very important feature (even if it’s a bit tricky to access) that is missing from the Roon app.

One reason this is very important is that I use my iPad less and less now with the iPhones (and phones in general getting larger and larger) and often find myself in a room wanting to adjust EQ and I don’t have my iPad, but I always have my iPhone. Pretty much the only reason I use my iPad anymore is for Roon since I can’t do what I need with my iPhone. Rumors now point to a much larger (~6.5") iPhone in 2018 and so even less reason to need an iPad, at least for me.

On other related item - while I still use the iPad Roon app, I would really appreciate a vertical layout for the app rather than a horizontal layout (ideally it would be nice to be able to choose).

So to conclude, I love Roon and really this iPhone app non DSP or endpoint settings issue is my main annoyance at this point with Roon. Otherwise great service/software

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I believe this is totally a screen real estate issue. Certainly for most smaller phones! But perhaps the bigger phablet sizes it could an option. Not sure if there is enough phone details provided to roon to determine a specific screen size that might be a usable size or not.

If it is just a screen real estate issue that’s limiting the full feature set, then it would seem to me that various approaches like are used in the iPad app and even in the Mac version, like hovering over a marker of some sort to bring up an overlay with more options - or tapping or swiping to new screens would allow the desired control. This I suspect for an increasing number of people will not be a minor issue - as more and more is being driven to the phone instead of the server for actual control UI.

I currently use an iPad mini and there is not that much difference between that and a 6.5" iPhone (if it happens). Not to mention that the iPhone would likely have more actual pixels than an iPad at that point (except the bigger iPads).

I’m pretty sure the future UI redevelpment project the Roon team has discussed in various threads will bring uniformity of function across all the devices.

Do some searching and you will find there comments.

Are there any updates to this request? I was hoping with the Roon 1.6 rollout (and newer apps for iOS) that we’d be able to get full Roon functionality (EQ adjustment, history and more) in the iOS app for iPhone, but this has not happened. iPad does have this, but not iPhone.

Hope this is forthcoming soon!

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