iPhone app looses connection to library

(Mark Allen) #21

I’m a pretty new user (10 days) and I’m using an iPhone6 and I see this issue daily. The good news is it connects within 1-2 seconds so its annoying but not a showstopper for me. I’d be very interested in having this issue resolved. If the dev/support team needs more info about my setup I’d be happy to provide it. For the most part I’m not doing anything unusual.


(Nick Baker) #22

Mine does this as well, is it really that much of a problem to waste a whole 1 to 2 seconds?

(Mark Allen) #23

For me 1 to 2 seconds is fine however there has been the occasional 5 seconds of “Waiting for Remote Core” which can ruin the mood. As long has people are aware of it I’m sure it’ll be prioritized appropriately.

(Jared) #24

I don’t believe it’s something that’s Roon can actually fix. I believe it’s a limitation with iOS, and the ability for apps to continue running in the background. @support can probably confirm that.

(Pete) #25

I’ve had this issue since I started using Roon about a year ago, on an iphone 6 and using a windows 2012r2 server.

If I go back to Roon within a few seconds or so, it shows the Roon icon briefly before loading; if I leave the Roon app for longer, it displays the lost connection screen and this usually takes about 5-10 seconds. Very annoying. This is the main reason I use Android, but I’d prefer to use ios.

(David Radnell) #26

I am having issues with the android client on a Samsng S9. When attempting to connect it will not discover the server. If I select the option to find another core it will dispay that the core as initialising. This issue does not happen with two windows clients and another android client running on an S4. It is not a coverage issue because it occurs when the phones are next to each other. I cannot connect with the S9 so try the S4 and it connects.

The core is running on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.