iPhone App not working

Hello fellow Rooners,

I have a problem with my iPhone app not initializing with my Roon Core housed on my Innous Mini MkIII (innuOS version 1.4.3.). I keep cycling through initializing, connecting & then back to initializing? I’ve deleted the app & downloaded a new one but the same issue exists. The only change today is that it does connect for about 30 seconds & I get a flash of what looks like the reddish, pink box that normally says software update but from what I can tell is says error but I can’t actually see read what it says as it only flashes up for a millisecond.

Screen shot from my app

My IPhone is on version 13.3.1

I can still play music on my laptop connected via my wired network but not via the iPhone app but what I have noticed is that the IP address has changed on the server, would that make any difference to the app?

Any ideas, cheers

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The same issue here. I fixed it by rebooting my iPhone