iPhone app - the "more info" button hard to press

On the iPhone app, there is a small down arrow which the user can press in order to expand the artist information or album review. Now I am a piano player and don’t have clunky fingers, but sometimes I struggle to press the down arrow on the exact point so that it will respond. It seems to have an extremely small response area. Could it be made a little bigger, & has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I’ve found the same - in fact I’ve had problems with a number of the buttons on the small screen of my iPhone SE, e.g. the X to cancel a search. Landscape mode might help for those of us without phablets.

Landscape mode, which would be the tablet interface and is small even on a Samsung Note, would not help you on that phone.

Can you specify the buttons? Providing the information like extracampine did above will help the devs tweak the UI.

I think that there should be a minimum screen size recommendation for phones just like there is for tablets. At some point, the screen will just be too small. And users should be aware of this before making hardware purchases.

The most problematic is the X that closes the search box, I rarely manage to get this to respond. To compare, a similar X in the JRemote app measures a comfortable 5mm along each of its arms as opposed to just over 1mm in the Roon app. The artist info arrow, bookmark and search buttons are also a bit hit and miss for ageing fingers (and eyes).

I mostly use the iPad, which is fine, so I’d be interested to hear how people with the bigger iPhones find the app.

As a user of a bigger, Note 3 & 4, Android phone, the app works great, no fiddly buttons. I understand that both Android and iPhone apps are very similar so I would expect the iPhone app to work good as well on the larger iPhones.

Thanks Daniel.

You know what I just realised? You don’t have to press that little arrow - you can just press the text above it, and it expands. Similarly for minimising it again. Doh!