iPhone Can't Find Roon Core

Luckily my iPad and other PC still works after Core update (running on iMac). Unfortunately iPhone Roon remote (2.0 or legacy 1.8) spins on “Looking for your Roon Core.” On the Core: Settings> Roon ARC tab, ARC is showing “ready.” Any ideas?

Are you saying that the Roon Remote 2.0 app (not 1.8 Legacy - that won’t work with a Roon 2.0 Core) is not able to connect with your Core when you are at home and on wifi with the iPhone?

Yes. Though I didn’t know remote 1.8 was incompatible with Core 2.0. I just tried the 1.8 remote when I noticed the iPhone was bricked, evidently by the Core 2.0 update.

Actually maybe not. Noticed my phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi. Might be a result of turning off Wi-Fi calling due to carrier issues with that.

Will troubleshoot that and reply.

Roon Remote only uses wifi to connect - it’s the (separate) Roon ARC app that can use both wifi and mobile…

Thank you for the information Jeff. Once I re-entered the wifi password into the iPhone the Roon app worked. Not sure why the phone lost the PW. Also didn’t know there is a separate Roon ARC app. I’ll try that.

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I seem to be having the same issue. My Roon Core on my mac mini is Roon version 2.0 build 1182, and another computer on my local network connects perfectly to it (a windows machine), but my iphone (ios 16,2) with the latest version of roon remote does not find roon core. it’s just stuck on the “looking for your roon core” page. Confirmed everything is on the same network.

Any suggestions?

Try turning off ipv6 on your router if you can. An if your network has any igmp or multicast settings try toggling them on if off.

Hi @Daniel_Ger try Roon>Settings>Systems>Remote connections

Good luck!