iPhone client request (navigation)

Is there any way to add a letter shortcut menu like on the iPad so I can jump to a letter (like G for Genesis, George Harrison, etc) instead of having to scroll all the way down one screen at a time?


I completely agree. I was skimming through the l-o-o-ng thread on vertical scrolling and noticed this topic didn’t seem to be mentioned. I frequently access my Roon library on my iPhone. Even with only a few hundred albums in my collection, it’s a pain in the butt to have to flip the screen umpteen times to go from Angelique Kidjo to Yo-Yo Ma. And yes, I know I could use the search button, but there’s a big difference between tapping search and entering text vs. tapping a letter. Please help!

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Must be space , that is on the iPad version

It’s a bit fiddle but it’s there

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Yes this is urgently needed! That is actually what I miss most about iPeng.
If I want to scroll as of V like Verdi, it would take me an hour of swiping to get there. Very bad.
Roon has it on iPad, but really needs A-Z on the iPhone

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