iPhone crashing after 2.0 update

Similar issue to me,

2.0 upgraded on both:

  • core machine (Intel NUC Gen10 i7 + Win 10 latest ver + Roon 2.0)
  • iPhone 13 Pro + iOS 15.7 + Roon remote 2.0

Core Connected, but remote app keep crashing after ~10s of app on screen , and can’t play music on Phone as not in device list anymore.

Tried to uninstall and reinstall Roon remote on Phone with data reset and re-login, issue remains.

That’s horrible, pls help

Hi Laawrence,

I’ve moved your post over to a new topic.

Can you please tell me a little bit more about your networking setup? What kind of modem/router/or mesh system are you using?


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