iPhone doesn’t see Roon core

Hello, I have 2 iPads and 2 iPhones. Both iPads work fine but neither of the iPhones can find my Roon core. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but ur still doesn’t work


As suggested by Jim, check that you have the correct version of the app to match your core. You should have the same app icon on the iPads and iPhones.
Other than that, check the WiFi settings on the iPhones and compare them to the iPad WiFi settings.

If your problem has not been resolved, please share some insight on your system and network setup. Your router(s), switches, access points and any advanced network setup you may have. All Roon-related devices must be on the same subnet.

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My Roon server runs on a Nuc specifically and only for this purpose (bought from Little Green Computer several years ago)

It is connected to my ASUS wireless router by cat 5 cable.

I’ve tried every wireless network set up (2.4 and 5g).

I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. It says that it is looking for the server then asks me if I want to “select a different core”

Still doesn’t work on the phone but does on the iPad.

What happens if you select a different core? I have had this issue a few times and selecting this option brings up the correct core to connect to.

The wireless frequency band should not make any difference, you can mix them. They will all be on the same subnet provided that you have not made them otherwise via router settings.

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Well it worked the 1st time I tried it (hitting select a different core) but no more. On both phones it still says that it can’t find the core.

So strange that it works on both of our ipads.

Put your phone into Airplane mode and enable WiFi. Can you still open webpages in Safari?

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  1. In Asus router, enable settings → LAN → IPTV → Multicast routing. Then restart or reboot Roon Core.

  2. Assign different SSID (name) for 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi.

  3. On your phones, make sure you have uninstalled any sort of VPN / Firewall / Internet Security. And verify that you have granted “Local Network” permission to Roon Remote app.

  4. Use the phones to connect to each WiFi band separately to see which one works.