iPhone, Dragonfly Black, and MQA. It works

Just used my iPhone with the DragonFly Black and a USB Camera Adaptor as a Roon endpoint. The MQA lights up appropriately when I change the settings in Roon to see the iPhone as an MQA renderer.

As it should. :smiley:

But thanks for sharing!

Didn’t know that was the case with an iPhone. I did a search and nothing came up (iPhone MQA)

It’s not the iPhone doing MQA.
It’s the Dragonfly (doing the second half, rendering, after a Roon foes the first half).
So you won’t find “iPhone MQA” anywhere.
Roon talks about the iPhone including the Dragonfly.

I get the Dragonfly is doing it. I didn’t know it would work this way with the iPhone. That is news to me.

Please direct me to where Roon talks about this. That is what I searched for and could not find.

Oh, and I didn’t search for “iPhone MQA” as a phrase, but for them within proximity of one another as in “the Dragonfly supports MQA incouding on the iPhone”. That still brings up nothing.

Actually I thought I read somewhere that Tidal is, or is going, to support first unfold MQA on mobile devices as it does on desktop machines - mainly due to the crazy power in handsets these days.

I seems that it is for specific devices only, e.g. LG V30.

I expect it to work, but yours is the first report that I came across to confirm it. So in a way it is news to me too.

The expectation comes from that Roon 1.5 performs MQA core decoding, and a previous release of Roon enabled iPhone to be used as an endpoint.

Yes, @fritzg, this is just an example of the general architecture working: Roon does the unfold, creates a data stream that is renderable, it supports the i-device as an endpoint, bit-perfectly, and through a Lightning-to-USB adapter it stays bitperfect, so the Dragonfly gets the information it needs.

You don’t necessarily see a write up mentioning that the Roon architecture works for a specific device combination, it is supposed to work. More likely you would see a notice if something doesn’t work.

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I"ve used the iFi dsd micro black (only does the rendering MQA with iphone 6s and apple camera kit).
Found info on this roon thread.

Again, I find it interesting you made both of these statements and don’t understand the point you’re making. Seems like you take issue with a report that something works.

If the mods don’t like this thread they can delete it, or I will if I can.

A lot of product verification is done by end users in the modern environment. News that a combination works has as much value as reports that they don’t. But happy customers tend to simply listen to the music. I think that is all Anders was saying. I don’t think it was intended as criticism.