iPhone endpoint disconnects when in black screen


unluckly when the iPhone display timeout will turn off the screen, the Roon Remote disconnect and stops playing. Is a known issue?

I know that behavior and it only happens in my setup when I stop Roon playing - as long as there is output in works all the way.


Not an ideal solution but you could go into settings, setup, and set keep screen awake?

Is what I do actually. Should be fixed somehow.

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Hope they will fix it.

There are news about turning off iPhone/iPad screen and leaving Roon endpoint to continue running without block the music?

Hi Marco

My iDevices continue to play music when the screen goes to sleep without any issue but they don’t show up as a zone from other remotes unless you have music playing on the device to begin with.
I use my iPad as a wireless endpoint connected to a Meridian Explorer to listen to music in bed on my headphones. I then use my iPhone as a remote to control Roon.

Have you updated your Roon core and iDevice apps to the latest versions?