iPhone endpoint

I have a spare iPhone and speakers. Would it be possible to buy a lightning dock and feed the iPhone into a power amplifier to feed the speakers. Will Roon control the volume on the iPhone? Will it be full resolution? Anything I’m missing?
Appreciate any advice thanks.

Or, just this…


Yes that would do thank you.
Would the iPhone look and act the same as other end points on my iPad remote, for example volume control etc so it can be out of the way?

You can control volume via Roon DSP. This is with my Dragonfly Cobalt plugged into the camera adapter.

That’s great thank you Jim, the screen shot makes it easier for me to visualise. Appreciate it.

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Anyone in the U.K. recommend a small digital cool running very cheap power amp for this please?

IPhone acts as Roon endpoint as long Roon app on iPhone is open. When it is minimized, iPhone disappears from the list of available zones. Roon controls volume.

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Thanks Peter, it will be solely for Roon so remain permanently on for this.

The only other thing to watch out for, if you want to control the iPhone from Roon on another device, is to make sure that you set ‘Private zone’ to ‘No’ in device settings.


Good advise thank you David.

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The things that you will have to initialize Roon app on iPhone when you want to listen on speaker It is not always on setup.

Thanks Peter, I’ll bare that in mind.

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For $37 on Amazon seems like something to try. I used to use mine all the time when walking my dog, but now just use bluetooth from iPhone 11 Pro Max to Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. But, if you have a spare iPhone laying around, why not?

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Yes I have two older ones Jim and thought I would put them to use as end points along with some spare speakers. It will make a half hour on the exercise bike in the garage more tolerable and I won’t get accused of wasting money on another ‘stupid gadget!’ (Her description)
I’ll look on Amazon.

How cheap and how much power? I’m a Bluetooth speaker buyer, or was, only a breakage is getting another into the house. I don’t keep up on cheap amps too much but the Volt+ might be interesting at less than 100 with PSU. That’s ultra cheap but might do the job.

This. I had no idea and have often found it annoying. Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW @garye the setup that @Jim_F is recommending needs a DAC of some kind to connect via USB, or you get an ultra cheap DAC in a lightning headphone jack?

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Thanks Carl. They are original neat petites. Oldies but goodies except not much bass. They are easy to drive so just need clean power. Cheaper the better!
I think it has analogue out of one (headphone) and usb the other (keep it charged) I think @Jim_F uses the usb for his DAC as it will sound better?

@garye Unless you plan to use an external DAC, you actually do not need the above lightning-to-usb adapter. What you need is a lightning-to-headphone jack. And if your iPhone is an older model - eg IPhone 6 - and has a 3.5mm jack, you don’t need anything. Just a proper cable/adaptor to your amp.

As for a small power-amp, google Aiyima A04 or Aiyima A07 availability around you, or it’s TRA3255 clones. While 300W/chan is bogus, with a $20 32V 5A power supply, you’ll get very respectable continuous 50-70W/chan.

The same thing but for $13. (Have two of them for a year now, behave identical to the $37 one.)

Thanks raindog. Don’t I need the usb and headphone like Jim said. The usb to keep it charged, the headphone to feed the amp?
Good suggestions on the amps thank you.