iPhone hearing aids ROON stops playing

I am wearing hearing aids Oticon OPN1. I can use my iPhone 7S as a ROON zone and listen to the speaker of the iPhone. I can also connect a LG PK3 as a bluetooth speaker to my iPhone. But when I connect my hearing aids to my iPhone (streaming the sound to my hearing aids) ROON stops playing.

Pieter dVR

Do you need the connectclip for them to work as music headphones?

@ged_hickman1 I can just have the streaming by connecting my hearing aids (Oticon OPN1) directly to my iPhone through Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing Devices ->MFI HEARING DEVICES. Bluetooth has to be ON.

Pieter dVR

I get that but it isn’t working in roon.
What does your roon Settings, Audio screen look like?

@ged_hickman1 In my iPhon e I can choose between the iPhone itself and HEADPHONES being my hearing aids. When I choose for the iPhone itself I get sound from the speakers of my iPhone and even from a bluetooth speaker if connected to my iPhone. When I choose for the HEADPHONES , so my hearing aids I get no sound at all and the tracks are skiped until the end.
In the Audio screen I see my iPhone under “This Phone” with the text: Audio will play out the default device.
I see System Output under “Connected to Core”, in red it is said Device Not Found.
What information do you want more?

Pieter dVR

Hello @pieterdvr, and thanks for your report! Do these hearing aids support 44.1? Also, have you tried playing to them using the TIDAL app?

Hello @nuwriy,
The Tidal app plays well through my hearing aids. Even the MASTER tracks.
Pieter dVR

Hello @pieterdvr, and thanks for your patience while I discussed this item with our team! I wanted to let you know that I have received diagnostics from your phone and have opened an investigation with our QA team for this issue. Once I hear back from them I’ll be sure to pass an update over to you.

Hello @nuwriy,
Thanks for the message. I will see.

Hello @pieterdvr, and thanks for your patience while I reviewed this item with our senior QA team. Could you please try upsampling a track to 48k and playing it to the hearing aids? Let me know if that gives us better results!

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Hello @pieterdvr and @AudioDreamer, my apologies for the delay. I wanted to get some clarification from our team before continuing. Here’s what I’d like to do:

  1. Could you please connect your hearing aids via Bluetooth directly to a mac or PC, avoiding the phones for now.
  2. Make sure they aren’t set as “private zones” and select them as endpoints.
  3. Play some content and let me know if this works
  4. Please reply with a timestamp of when you did this so I can enable diagnostics for your accounts and we can send some info over to our QA team.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions about these steps, happy to offer clarification!

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